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Visit the eBook Collections page for links to thousands of ebooks from several ebook providers.  RPCC ebooks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students will be prompted to login with their Library User ID or Alt. ID, and PIN to access these ebooks from off-campus.


Suggested Databases


Academic Search Complete: Articles from 5,500+ journals and other sources, multiple subject areas.

Business Source Complete: Articles and abstracts from more than 1,200 scholarly business journals.

JSTOR: The Scholarly Archive: articles from scholarly journals in the arts and sciences, humanities, business, etc.

Nexis Uni: Features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources – including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790.

Oxford Reference: Full-text general and subject-specific reference sources.

Regional Business News: Articles from over 75 business sources in the U.S.


Suggested Internet Resources

Special Topics: Film on Demand

Business Ethics: Global Business  uses a Q&A format to teach the basics of business ethics in a global economy. Topics include ethics of varying standards, providing leadership…

Business Planning.  In business, failing to plan equates to planning to fail. Business planning is critical to the success and sustainability of any organization.

Marketing Your Business. Learn the definition of what marketing really is. How to design a proper marketing program, sources to tap for advertising and communicating.


Print Resources on the Shelves in the RPCC Library on the Gonzales Campus

Selected Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers (Print Edition)

  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Newsweek
  • Time
  • U. S. News and World Report
  • Wall Street Journal

Browse the Print Books, DVDs, and Other Shelved Resources by Call Number

  • HF 1 to HF 6182 – Commerce
    • HF 5001 to HF 6182 – Business
      • HF 5387 to HF 5387.5 – Business ethics
      • HF 5410 to HF 5417.5 – Marketing. Distribution of products
      • HF 5501 to HF 5511 – Business organization and administration
      • HF 5546 to HF 5548.6 – Office management
      • HF 5549 to HF 5549.5 – Personnel management. Employment management
      • HF 5601 to HF 5689 – Accounting. Bookkeeping
      • HF 5691 to HF 5716 – Business mathematics. Commercial arithmetic
      • HF 5717 to HF 5734.7 – Business communication including business report writing, business correspondence
      • HF 5735 to HF 5746 – Business records management
      • HF 5801 to HF 6182 – Advertising
  • HG 1 to HG 9999 – Finance
    • HG 178 – Liquidity
    • HG 179 – Personal finance
    • HG 201 to HG 1496 – Money
    • HG 1501 to HG 3550 – Banking
    • HG 3691 to HG 3769 – Credit. Debt. Loans
    • HG 4001 to HG 4285 – Finance management. Business finance. Corporate finance
  • KF – United States Federal Law
    • KF 801 to KF 1241 – Contracts, including commercial law, banking
    • KF 1355 to KF 1480 – Associations, including business associations, partnerships and corporations
    • KF 1600 to KF 2940 – Regulation of industry, trade and commerce, including advertising, small business
    • KF 2971 to KF 3193 – Intellectual property, including design protection and patent law and trademarks


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