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Visit the eBooks page for links to thousands of ebooks from several ebook providers.  RPCC ebooks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students will be prompted to login with their Library User ID or Alt. ID, and PIN to access these ebooks from off-campus.


Academic Search Complete: Articles from 5,500+ journals and other sources, multiple subject areas.

Britannica Online Academic Edition: A full-text encyclopedia with video, maps, & more.

nullSalem Science: Full-text reference sources, including Applied Science, The Solar System.

nullAtoZMapsOnline: Over 145,000 maps, including political, physical, and more.

nullOxford Reference: Full-text general and subject-specific reference sources.

nullScience and Technology Collection: Articles from over 800 scientific and technical journals, and more.

Streaming Videos

null Browse earth sciences videos from the Films on Demand database.

Special Topics

Web Resources, offers numerous resources including news, articles, maps, images, a geology dictionary, and more. Note that while the work of a geology professor, this is a commercial site and includes ads and offers items for purchase.

Geology Wing, is an online exhibit from University of California Museum of Paleontology; it also includes a virtual exhibit on plate tectonics.

Global Volcanism Program, from the Smithsonian Institution, this provides a wealth of information on volcanoes, including images and video. “searches over 60 databases and over 2200 selected websites from 15 federal agencies, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information including research and development results.” Includes topics in earth & ocean sciences, and more.

USGS, The U. S. Geological Survey website offers maps, imagery, publications, and more. See Geology Research and Information for more information.

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QE 1 to QE 996.5 – Geology.

QE 351 to QE 399.2 – Mineralogy.

QE 420 to QE 499 – Petrology.

QE 500 to QE 639.5 – Dynamic and structural geology.

QE 521 to QE 545 – Volcanoes and earthquakes.

QE 601 to QE 613.5 – Structural geology.

QE 640 to QE 699 – Stratigraphy.

QE 701 to QE 760 – Paleontology.

QE 760.8 to QE 899.2 – Paleozoology.

QE 901 to QE 996.5 – Paleobotany.