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Visit the eBook Collections page for links to thousands of ebooks from several ebook providers.  RPCC ebooks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students will be prompted to login with their Library User ID or Alt. ID, and PIN to access these ebooks from off-campus.


Suggested Databases

Academic Search Complete: Articles from 5,500+ journals and other sources, multiple subject areas.

Gale In Context: Biography: Biographies, magazine articles, images, and website links for more than 900,000 people.

Britannica Online Academic Edition: A full-text encyclopedia with video, maps, & more.

CQ Researcher: In-depth, non-biased full-text reports on topics and issues in the news.

Films On Demand: Academic and Archival Films across all disciplines & Newsreels Collections.

Gale Ebooks: Reference sources for just about any research topic.

History Reference Center: Reference books, history magazines, historical documents, etc.

JSTOR: The Scholarly Archive: articles from scholarly journals in the arts & sciences, humanities, business, etc.

Legal Source: Full-text articles from scholarly law journals on legal issues, studies, and more.

Nexis Uni: Features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources – including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790.

>Military & Government Collection: Almost 300 journals covering military and government topics.

Newspaper Source Plus: Articles from over 285 regional, national, international newspapers, & TV transcripts.

Newswires (AP, UPI, etc.): Near real-time access to top world-wide news sources.

Oxford Reference: Full-text general and subject-specific reference sources.


    Suggested Streaming Videos


    Please note that when accessing Film on Demand from off-campus, you will be prompted to login.

    Print Resources on the Shelves in the RPCC Library on the Gonzales Campus

    Selected Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers (Print Edition)

    • The Advocate (Baton Rouge) and other local newspapers
    • American History (also available full-text, online, 1994 to date, in several databases, including Academic Search Complete)
    • Current History
    • The Economist (also available full-text, online 1988 to date in Biography In Context)
    • Newsweek (also available full-text, online, various date ranges, in several databases, with Nexis Uni covering 1975 to 2013)
    • Time (also available full-text, online, various date ranges, in several databases, with Academic Search Complete covering 1923 to date)
    • U. S. News and World Report (also available full-text, online from 2000 to 2005 from Nexis Uni)

    Browse the Print Books, DVDs, and Other Shelved Resources by Call Number

    • JA 1 to JA 92 – Political science (General reference, political theory, history, etc.).
    • JC 11 to JC 605 – Political theory. Theories of state.
      • JC 131 to JC 273 – Modern state (16th century to date).
      • JC 421 to JC 423 – Democracy.
      • JC 489 to JC 497 – Political change, revolutions, dictatorships, etc.
      • JC 571 to JC 605 – Human rights, civil rights, freedoms, etc.
    • JF 20 to JF 2112 – Political institutions and public administration. Comparative governments.
      • JF 201 to JF 619 – Organs and functions of government, including heads of state, parliamentary government, legislation, etc.
      • JF 2011 to JF 2112 – Political parties.
    • JK 1 to JK 9593 – Political institutions and public administration, United States.
      • JK 54 to JK 103 – Colonial period.
      • JK 116 to JK 246 – 1776 to 1898.
      • JK 271 to JK 274 – 20th century.
      • JK 501 to JK 868 – Executive branch.
      • JK 1012 to JK 1432 – Congress. Legislative branch.
      • JK 1507 to JK 1603 – Judiciary (see also KF 8700 to KF 8709).
      • JK 1717 to JK 2217 – Political rights. Citizenship. Suffrage. Electoral system.
      • JK 2255 to JK 2391 – Political parties.
      • JK 2403 to JK 9593 – State government.
        • JK 4701 to JK 4793 – Louisiana.
    • K – Law in general; comparative and uniform law; jurisprudence.
    • KF – Law of the United States.
      • KF 1600 to KF 2940 – Regulation of industry, trade, and commerce.
      • KF 3300 to KF 3995 – Social legislation. Public health. Medical legislation. Public safety. Control of social activities.
      • KF 4501 to KF 5130 – Constitutional law.
      • KF 8700 to KF 9075 – Courts. Organization and procedure.
    • KFL 1 to KFL 599 – Louisiana.
      • KFL 45 – Louisiana State Supreme Court.


    Suggested External Websites

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