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Academic Search Complete: Articles from 5,500+ journals and other sources, multiple subject areas.

nullAtoZMapsOnline: Over 145,000 maps, including political, physical, and more.

Britannica Online Academic Edition: A full-text encyclopedia with video, maps, and more.

nullCQ Researcher: In-depth, non-biased full-text reports on topics and issues in the news.

nullFilms On Demand: Academic and Archival Films across all disciplines and Newsreels Collections.

nullGale Ebooks: Reference sources for just about any research topic.

nullGlobal Road Warrior: Resources on world cultures, statistics, travel, maps and images.

nullJSTOR: The Scholarly Archive: articles from scholarly journals in the arts and sciences, humanities, business, etc.

nullLegal Source: Full-text articles from scholarly law journals on legal issues, studies, and more.

nullMilitary and Government Collection: Almost 300 journals covering military and government topics.

nullOxford Reference: Full-text general and subject-specific reference sources.

nullPsychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection: Over 550 publications in behavioral sciences.

nullSocINDEX with Full-Text: Over 390 journals, over 720 books, and more.

nullWorld Book Advanced: Full-text encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary, images, and more.

Streaming Videos

America's Promise: Who's Entitled to What?

Race: The Power of an Illusion

The Vote

nullBrowse more sociology videos from the Films on Demand database.

Web Resources

CIA World Factbook: Information about every country in the world, including the people, political system, economy, geography, etc.

Crime Statistics Sources:

Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice

Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Uniform Crime Reporting

U. S. Department of Justice

Bureau of Justice Statistics

USAGov: Data and Statistics about the U. S.: Links to U.S. government statistics sites, including demographic, ethnic, and population information.

The SocioWeb: A directory that lists links to various resources in sociology.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics: Provides statistics on over 200 countries regarding education, literacy, science and technology, culture and communication. Explore themes or browse by country.

United Nations Statistics Division: Global statistics, including demographic, ethnic, economic, and population information.

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Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers (print issues)


Browse Resources on the Shelves by Shelf Number

D – World history including culture and ethnicity of countries and regions the world outside of the Americas.

DA through DR – Europe.

DS – Asia.

DT – Africa.

DU – Oceania (South Seas; Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

E to F – History of the Americas.

E51 to E73 – Pre-Columbian America. The Indians.

E99 – Indians of North America – Indian tribes and cultures.

F1 to F975 – United States local history.

F200 to F380 – Culture, ethnicity, and history of Louisiana.

F1001 to F1145.2 – Canada.

F1201 to F3799 – Latin America. Spanish America.

G – Geography. Anthropology. Recreation.

G140 – Great cities of the world

G149 to G180 – Travel.

GN – Anthropology

GN357 to GN674 – Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology.

GR – Folklore.

GT – Manners and customs.

H – Social sciences.

HA 175 to HA 473 – Statistics. By region or country.

HB 1 to HB 3840 – Economic theory. Demography.

HB 846 to HB 846.8 – Welfare theory.

HB 848 to HB 3697 – Demography. Population. Vital events.

HM – Sociology.

HM 481 to HM 554 – Theory.

HM 621 to HM 656 – Culture.

HM 701 – Social systems

HM 786 to HM 806 – Organizational sociology. Organization theory.

HM 811 to HM 821 – Deviant behavior. Social deviance.

HN 1 to HN 995 – Social history and conditions. Social problems.

HQ 1 to HQ 2044 – The Family. marriage. Women.

HQ 503 to HQ 1064 – The family. Marriage, Home.

HQ 1101 to HQ 2030.7 – Women. Feminism.

HT 51 to HT 1595 – Communities. Classes. Races.

HT 101 to HT 395 – Urban groups. Urban sociology.

HT 401 to HT 485 – Rural groups. Rural sociology.

HT 601 to HT 1445 – Classes.

HT 1501 to HT 1595 – Races.

HV 1 to HV 9960 – Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology.

HV 6001 to HV 7220.5 – Criminology.

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